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  1. "We are extremely pleased with the final result..."

    "From the very beginning of the project, Global Group International provided the very highest levels of project management and technical expertise. Despite the complexity and large scope of this effort, Global Group International delivered a first-class product that has gone well beyond our expectations... I was particularly impressed with the quality of their deliverables..."

    Michael Irene, President
    Front Office Communications, Inc.

  2. "Fortunately for me, I found and chose Softerra to take charge of our projects."

    "Global Group International's best quality, for me, has always been their "team-development" approach and their true professionalism. Every aspect of development was always handled with care and consideration, while allowing me to stay in constant communication with the actual developers. Their knowledgeable and professional staff guided me through each phase of program evolution and always kept my objectives in mind."

    Dennis Williams, , Web Content/IT Manager
    R. R. Morrison & Son, Inc

  3. "Global Group International's talents prompted us to assign them more projects than planned."

    "Overall, Global Group International have been very conscientious and able. I believe they have the ability and skills to work with other United States companies, as distance or language was never a factor. I strongly recommend Global Group International for any technology project that is consistent with their core competencies."

    Michael Sokolow, Co-founder
    PropertyRover, Inc

  4. "Most of all I am impressed with the final results."

    "As a veteran of many systems development projects in my prior life as a managementconsultant, I was particularly impressed with the speed of implementation, the adaptability to change, the timely recommendations for improvements (or warnings of potential problems), the structured and easy-to-follow code and logic developed, and the willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure a successful project, even if it meant you had to chase down problems with my ISP. Most of all I am impressed with the final results. I can without a doubt say that your service was outstanding. We would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to grow their business by creating a presence on the web."

    Kaitlin Weatherly, Chief Technology Officer

  5. "They understand how to implement all our requirements quickly, efficiently and on budget."

    "Global Group International is a well run, well managed company. Global Group International's level of programming is top notch, they understand how to implement all our requirements quickly, efficiently and on budget. Locust Systems Design recommends Global Group International on professional level to any company that needs professional Internet development."

    Ori Klein, Vice President
    Locust Systems Design Inc.

  6. "Global Group International has delivered the results and amiability we were looking for everytime, on time."

    "In being mutual partners with Global Group International, our company now has time to concentrate on the important things and not worry who will develop portions of the internet-based ideas that we dream up everyday. It is hard finding a company that has the knowledge and customer service skills to meet the needs of a project, but Softerra has delivered the results and amiability we were looking for everytime, on time. I highly recommend doing business with Global Group International, as you will be very happy with the results that they produce. Global Group International not only provides excellent service, but they think outside of the box, which is a great characteristic in a company."

    Nathan Carr, Founder and President